Tentative date for our next performance: March 8, 2015. Stay tuned.

Recent news and events:

  • A musical walking tour of the B-Line Trail, October 11, 2014.
  • WFHB Interchange producers Doug Storm and Trish KerlĂ© recorded much of the Rose Hill walkabout. It's now available as a podcast >>
  • Thank you to those who joined us at Rose Hill Cemetery on May 17 -- almost 250 of you! We had a great time exploring some of the great stories behind Bloomington's most beautiful cemetery. Learn more >>
  • We are deeply grateful to the 100 or so who came out in 40 degree weather to join us on March 29 in Columbus, Indiana for our Musical Architectural Tour. Learn more >>

Flight of the Bumblebee from our Superheroes! program

Latin for new voices, Voces Novae is a Bloomington, Indiana-based community chamber choir whose mission is to use music, and the arts generally, to explore ideas that enrich and inform our daily experience.

Voces Novae has consistently placed the arts into unexpected or stimulating contexts and places, creating a fresh look at old masterpieces and presenting new works in the service of broad and interesting ideas.