What We Do

Latin for new voices, Voces Novae is a chamber choir based in Bloomington, IN, whose mission is to use music, and the arts generally, to explore ideas that enrich and inform our daily experience.

Voces Novae has consistently placed the arts into unexpected or stimulating contexts and places, creating a fresh look at old masterpieces and presenting new works in the service of broad and interesting ideas.



2018-19 season

Our first concert of the 2018-19 season explored the topic of Sanctuary. In December, we partnered with Bloomington Symphony to perform Amahl and the Night Visitors.

Our Vonnegut program on May 11 and 12, 2019, includes the full premiere of Vonnegut: Requiem. Read more about the Requiem schedules and how to get tickets >>


Vonnegut: Requiem

Voces Novae is commissioning a choral setting of Kurt Vonnegut's requiem text, a mass for the dead, with eight nationally recognized composers. Read more about the 2019 premiere of the piece and how you can help us realize this incredible project.


Other recent news and events: