Voces Novae is participating in the dedication of the monuments for George Shively and his family members at Rose Hill Cemetery at a 5 p.m. ceremony Easter Sunday. Learn more >>

Other recent news and events:

  • Thank you to the 150 who joined us for our latest program, Whaddya Know? on March 8, 2015
    "Piecing a program of music together often isn’t enough for Susan Swaney, the creative artistic director of Voces Novae, the always-a-pleasure-to-hear community choir she has nurtured for years. The group’s stated mission is 'to use music to explore ideas that enrich and inform our daily experience.'... Swaney chose the music widely and wisely, in support of her mind games. What pleased me most was the flow of music and the impressively high quality of the singing. That’s what I came for; that’s what I got." - Review excerpt of Whaddya Know? by Peter Jacobi, Herald-Times
  • A musical walking tour of the B-Line Trail, October 11, 2014.
  • WFHB Interchange producers Doug Storm and Trish Kerlé recorded much of the May 17, 2014, Rose Hill walkabout. It's now available as a podcast >>
  • Learn more about past programs >>

Flight of the Bumblebee from our Superheroes! program

Latin for new voices, Voces Novae is a Bloomington, Indiana-based community chamber choir whose mission is to use music, and the arts generally, to explore ideas that enrich and inform our daily experience.

Voces Novae has consistently placed the arts into unexpected or stimulating contexts and places, creating a fresh look at old masterpieces and presenting new works in the service of broad and interesting ideas.

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